Friday, July 12, 2013

Eads, CO

Day 55: Friday, July 12, 2013
Ordway to Eads: 65 miles

Hot. Dry. Strong wind from the south. No water. Empty irrigation ditches. Empty grain elevators beside unused railroad tracks.

hot dry empty
Hot. Dry. Empty.

No kidding.

That just about sums up the day.

On the way east, I was passed by one of the Wounded Warrior riders. She made me look like I was standing still. Soon after I got to the general store at Haswell, another of the WW riders pulled in for a break. We were joined presently by Samuel, a German cyclist who was riding west-to-east. In flip-flops on rattrap pedals, he was making 100-120 miles a day: he had covered the distance from New York in eighteen days!

speedy Samuel
Speedy Samuel from Germany in flip-flops.
A hundred miles a day!

While we were conversing, a Schwan's truck pulled up to restock the store's ice cream treats. The driver asked us what we would like. He was ready to give us a whole boxful of anything! We declined that offer, but did accept one ice cream bar apiece.

BJ the Schwan's driver
BJ the Schwan's driver delivers cool treats!

morning glories?
These look like morning glories, but the foliage is different.

Haswell was to be the point of my departure from the TransAmerica Trail. But Google Maps doesn't know anything about gravel roads. Or at least it doesn't care. It's more than happy to generate a bike route over the worst roads imaginable. The store proprietor said that if I wanted to go to Flagler, my best bet was to go east to Eads, then take some paved roads north.

So, 20 more miles. The Wounded Warriors and I camped behind the Sheriff's Office, and showered at the town pool. That south wind blew until way after dark. At least everyone's laundry got dry. Oh well, thought I, it will make a good tailwind tomorrow.

Wounded Warrior riders
The Wounded Warrior riders relax after a hot day's ride.

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