Thursday, July 4, 2013

Walden, CO

Day 47: Thursday, July 4, 2013
Saratoga to Walden: 71 miles

By the time I had been tortured once again by that road, leaving the campground, and had stopped at a Family Dollar for supplies, it was almost time for Saratoga's Fourth of July Parade. I could have detoured around it, but stuck around to enjoy the fun. To see over the heads of the crowd yet still have an escape route, I climbed into the back of a Sheriff's pickup truck that was blocking Main Street. It was definitely a small-town affair.

Saratoga's Fourth of July parade
Saratoga's Fourth of July parade gets off to a rolling start.

Model A and cowboys
A Model A and some duded-up cowboys

Sarataoga's hot springs are free for the enjoyment, but it was almost noon before the parade wound up, so I hit the road. Not far out of town, a carnival had set up in a vacant lot beside a bar & grill. Nobody was there. It seemed a little surreal.

Saratoga carnaival
The deserted carnival recalled a scene from a Ray Bradbury story.

Hey! I'm finally out of boring Wyoming! So far, though, Colorado looks about the same.

Walden, like many of the small western and midwestern towns on the TransAmerica Trail, permits camping in the city park. The quality of the park and the camping varies widely. Walden had a large and excellently landscaped park. I set up my tent in an out-of-the-way spot close to the restrooms, and, notwithstanding that it was a holiday, had a quiet night.

downtown Walden
Walden's business district is small.

Walden's city park
But it had a beautiful city park.

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