Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick update

I have been too darn tired to blog.  And the Internet connections have been terrible.  Sorry about that.

Day 0:  I cheated.  De drove me from Seattle to Astoria, which is the official start of the TransAmerica Trail anyway.

Day 1:  More sightseeing, then Astoria to Nehalem Bay State Park.  49 miles, easy day, good views of the Pacific.

Day 2:  To Whalen Island County Park, near Sandlake.  Killer hills.  59 miles.

Day 3:  Over the coastal range to Dallas.  Rain all day.  Skipped the tent, rode extra miles to find a motel.  70 miles.  Still alive.

The 65 miles or so to Eugene down the Willamette Valley should be a breeze.  We will see.

Details and pics later.  Maybe when I find a fast connection.


  1. Hi Bret!!! I hope you're having an awesome ride. Sorry to say I cannot figure out how to use the "Map Notes" technology that you describe below to see the route you're taking. Mind elaborating a bit more for a "technically challenged" reader? :)

    1. Sorry - since I haven't officially started blogging this trip, I have not included any map info. I am now in a good motel that has great wi-fi, so will try to get some real blog entries up this evening. If I can get the route info posted, it will be obvious how it works. If not, I'll just take that message out of the footer. To see how it works, go to and look at any day's posting.

  2. I thought it would be interesting to see your route on google maps.
    That is just what google comes up with, so I'm sure it's not exactly the route you are taking, but still gives a good idea of the area you are covering. Great job! Hopefully you will get some rain free days as you move away from the coast.

    1. That's pretty darn close! I will try to get some real trip posts up tonight, and the maps too.

  3. Good to see a update! Sending you thoughts of dry weather and easy hills.


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