Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still in Corvallis

Day 5: Thursday, May 23, 2013
Corvallis: 0 miles

The NOAA weather report for Corvallis is calling for 90% chance of rain today, 100% tonight, with winds up to 25 mph this afternoon. The desk clerk says that Portland is also in for some nasty weather. So I've decided to stay put. But here it is 11:30 and nothing is happening yet. Are the fates against me? There's only a 70% chance of rain tomorrow. I'll move on then, and will probably get soaked. I think it's time to start planning some alternate endings for this trip.

I brought along my original DALMAC bicycle flag, from the first DALMAC I rode, back in 1975. I figured it would be appropriate, since I'll be staying in Michigan to ride DALMAC again this year. Before I left, Chris and I laminated the flag, which was showing signs of age, with the film that some R/C sailplane pilots use to cover their wings. But it is not holding up to the constant whipping back and forth in the slipstream. So I'll visit a fabric store and pick up a scrap of material to replace it, and batten down the old flag so that it survives the trip.

Beat-up DALMAC flag

The photo was taken several days later, after the new flag had gotten hung up on a barbed-wire fence. Oh, well - it still works.

Evening: I think I've been played for a fool. There has been rain today, but only for an hour. And the wind hasn't been that bad. I could have made it to Eugene today.

Oh, well. This gave me a chance to catch up on my blogging, and to learn why Android is a poor substitute for Windows, for someone who's used Windows for 30 years.

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