Thursday, June 13, 2013

Missoula #4

Day 26: Thursday, June 13, 2013
Missoula #4: 4 miles

In the morning, it was raining. Which meant that Roger and Robert didn't have much incentive to start shooting their video. They offered me a full-works breakfast, but I chose just a bowl of cereal. Then we loaded all my gear back into the car, and Robert drove me back to the warmshowers house. Robert kept me entertained telling me about all the close calls he'd had with his health. Boy, I think we sounded like a couple of old nursing-home fogies.

Back in Missoula, I crawled into my sleeping bag, and was out like a light. Woke up after noon, waited for a break in the rain, and cycled back to the ER. This time, they approached it from the respiratory side. A CAT scan showed fluid around the heart and right lung, and the diagnosis was acute pleuropericarditis caused by either a virus or trauma (road shock?). Recommended treatment was rest, meds, and ibuprofen. I biked to the drug store in the rain, stopped at a fast-food joint on the way home, and hibernated.

They want me back next Tuesday. So I'll be lying low here for a few days.


  1. Hi Bret

    I don't know you but am really enjoying your blog. I will continue
    to follow you across the country.......I have done some bike touring
    and am 62 years old but never anything as long as across the whole country.

    I spent yesterday down at the DLG clinic at 60 acres in Redmond though I live in Bellingham........its was well worth the drive.

    bruce ( PCT trail name = Maybe )

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I'm hoping to resume my journey tomorrow (June 18).

      From the SASS messages, it appears the clinic was a bang-up success. I wish I could have been there. Oh, well - priorities...


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