Sunday, June 16, 2013

Missoula #7

Day 29: Sunday, June 16, 2013
Missoula #7: 3 miles

It was a quiet day today. I started fixing the fourth window pane. I don't have much incentive to hurry - it's all I have to do.

broken windowpane
Packaging tape fixes everything

There's another cyclist here now. He's 25, is riding east-to-west. And, like me, he's stuck here for a while. But for different reasons.

For his trip, he put together a bike out of a steel frame and a bunch of racing-type components. Front wheel has 20 spokes, rear wheel has 18 on the cog side, 9 on the off side. He broke a spoke one state back, and just tucked it out of the way. He ended up cracking the rim. Shops here will have to order it. Or he could change both rim and hub. Either way, it won't be cheap.

cracked rim
Spoke trouble

And he's broke. He sold his truck to finance the trip, but didn't plan on a lot of bike repairs. He's planning on getting a job here, at least for the summer, to pay for wheel repairs and finance further adventures.

The house cat is a black longhair, 21 years old. She doesn't do much, but soaks up attention. Portrait courtesy of Samuel Philip Higley, the broken-wheel cyclist.

Liza the cat
Liza the cat

Bruce and Ben got home late in the evening after riding Going-to-the-Sun Road up at Glacier. Three thousand vertical feet in ten miles.

I had a Happy Father's Day message from De. She's making some of my favorite foods. Just put 'em in the teleporter, honey...

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