Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Missoula #9

Day 31: Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Missoula #9: 4 miles

Well, I'm clear to go. Sort of.

Had to go back to the ER for my post-treatment checkup. Doc agreed that I might as well stop taking the meds, as my breathing seems to be fine. Of course, he can't guarantee anything going forward. So there's nothing for it but to try a few more mountain passes and see how it goes.

The weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms today (which never showed up), and 90% chance of heavy rain on Wednesday. So I'm waiting until Thursday, when there's only a 40% chance of showers. And headwinds.


  1. Hey Bret, I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope you get nicer weather. Great posts & pictures! Take Care - Natalie K, from EXPD

  2. Just caught up with the June entries. I hope that your lungs are doing well and you can continue adventuring! Sending you healthy thoughts.

  3. Bret - my goodness! take good care of your self. and if they are going to keep you on all the ibuprofen make sure they give you omeprazole to prevent you from getting an ulcer (sorry, I can't help but give you med advice). Be safe and continue to have a blast on this amazing adventure - Christine (your gastroenterologist neighbor)

    1. Not to worry - I'm off both meds. I was concerned as well - both for the side effects of that much ibuprofen and the possible effects of the mechanism by which colchicine treats/suppresses the symptoms of gout. I'm jumping a few days ahead with this response: an easy 54 miles and I'm feeling good. Chief Joseph Pass on Friday will be the real test of whether or not I should continue. But so far, so good.


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