Friday, June 14, 2013

Missoula #5

Day 27: Friday, June 14, 2013
Missoula #5: 11 miles

It's cool and windy today, but the weekend's supposed to be great: warm and sunny. Perfect for cycling. Too bad.

I'm feeling a lot better. But who wouldn't, after eight ibuprofen capsules?

There are several broken windows in the house, and I'm working on repairing them. We called one hardware store, they said, "Sure, we have glass!" Got there, they said it was all broken. WTF??? So off to another one.

Got two panes in, so no holes. The third pane was cut 1/4" oversize. Will see tomorrow if I can trim it and get it installed.

Fun times.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your heath scare, but it sounds like you're on the mend. Have been enjoying your writing, and am looking forward to the next installment.


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